Irish Resident Director Service

Is an Irish resident director essential for my Irish company?

Irishcompany, through its large Irish and European network of vetted and qualified directors, could provide an Irish or EEA resident Director tailored to your new company's needs. Depending on your business requirements, an appropriate Irish or EEA Resident Director or multiple Directors can be appointed to your Irish company's board.

While it's feasible to establish a company in Ireland without an Irish resident director, the Companies Act 2014 mandates that at least one director residing within the EEA (European Economic Area) be appointed. The nationality of a potential director doesn't impact this stipulation. For instance, an Irish national residing in Australia cannot singularly direct an Irish firm.

While not legally binding, for tax residency reasons, it's prudent to have a director based in Ireland or an employee residing there.

Should you wish to establish an Irish company but the current directors are residents of a non- EEA region, considering our Irish and EEA resident director service might be beneficial. Alternatively, obtaining a Section 137 Revenue Bond is another viable option.


Why opt for an Irish Resident Director?

The domicile of the Company Director/s plays a pivotal role in discerning the primary management and control location of the firm. If the company's control predominantly resides outside Ireland, an Irish Director becomes indispensable for tax registration, initiating a corporate bank account, and ensuring the firm is acknowledged as a tax resident within the country.

It's imperative to understand that Irish company directors bear significant legal responsibilities, both as per the Companies Act 2014 and conventional law. Depending on the company's nature, additional legal obligations might apply. Directors are expected to be proactive in company management and not merely as nominal representatives.

Insights on our Irish Resident Nominee Directors

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