OFFSHORE & international company formation


Irish Company offers a broad range of offshore and international company formation services. There is a distinction between offshore (international business corporations or IBC’s) and international and tax planning company formation should be understood.

Offshore companies (IBCs) are usually used as asset holding vehicles and usually are not protected by international tax treaties which results in full liability for withholding taxes and applicable anti-avoidance provisions. Therefore, these companies are suitable for trading purposes.

International and/or tax planning companies are normally covered by international tax treaties and/or trade organisation directives such as the EU parent subsidiary directive 90/435, which allows dividends to be paid in full without any withholding taxes provided the payments are made to another EU country.

If you are interested in starting an offshore company, please contact us.

For companies who are thinking about starting or to re-domiciling their business to Ireland or overseas, we can make the process fast, simple and all at a competitive price.

At Irish Company, we are able to provide full incorporation and management services including the providing company secretary services, nominee directors and officers, agency facilities, bank account opening and accounting services for all types of holding companies.

Companies can be used in both personal and corporate business to possess a number of assets including bankable assets, private equity investments, real property (both residential and commercial) and intellectual property and image rights.

Working with our extensive network of professional advisers, significant benefits can be obtained from the large double tax treaty network to reduce taxation of dividends, capital gains and royalty payments. In addition, certain countries grant tax rulings which can also be beneficial to companies.

Our fees are transparent and include everything you need to start your companies. Through years of experience, we have built relationships with top advisors in the field to give you the most competitive prices.


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