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Ireland Company Formation Services for Non-Resident Directors


Ireland Company Formation Services for Non-Resident Directors


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You do not need to be a resident in Ireland. However, you must meet several other conditions including:

  • You must be over 18 years and older
  • You must never have been declared bankrupt
  • You will require a registered office address in Ireland

Yes. You can set up an Irish limited company with a single director who is a resident of EU/EEA. However, by law, you are required to appoint a Company Secretary to take care of your filings to the Companies Registration Office and the Revenue Commissioners, as well as deal with day to day business needs as they arise.

Not necessarily. We can discuss your individual needs in detail and create a custom package that is best suited for your situation, goals and objectives. The Non-Residents package includes everything that you need to start your company including a registered office address as well as free registration for taxes and the first Annual Return submission. The all inclusive package comes at a best market price available!

A registered address is the official address of an Irish limited company where all official government correspondence is being posted to. The registered office address must be a physical address in Ireland. Your company, however, does not need to carry out its business or trade activities from this address. If you don’t have a suitable Irish address to use as your registered office, the Non-Residents Package includes a registered office address in Ireland.

A company secretary advises the company and looks after compliance and corporate governance matters. They are responsible for filing the company’s annual returns and filing taxes among other administrative functions.
In company with multiple directors, one of the directors can act as company secretary. If the company is a single-director company, a separate Company Secretary is required by law. Irish Company offers a professional and affordable Company Secretary Service.

Yes. Irish company will forward all of your mail to your chosen correspondence address, globally. The cost will be the An Post fee plus a 15% handling fee.

The Non-Residents Package is company formation package and is not a subject to renewal cost. However, there are renewable services within the package if selected: Registered Office Address Service, Company Secretary, Nominee Director or Nominee Shareholder as well as the following agreements if nominee services are used – Declaration of Trust and Power of Attorney. If none of the additional service have been selected, Year 2 renewal cost would be €150+VAT (Registered Office Address)

Yes. Irish companies is partnered with top Irish financial institution to offer the best corporate bank accounts to our customers. It is relatively straightforward to open a bank account in Ireland however, there are several due diligence requirements which may vary from bank to bank including:

1, You must provide evidence that you are doing business in Ireland and you are not going to use your business bank account for purposes such as tax evasion or savings.

2, You should have an Irish market or the intent to create customers in Ireland

3, Banks require all shareholders to present themselves in person in their chosen branch to satisfy due diligence requirements. You must present Photo ID and two forms of proof of address. (please note that these two addresses must be identical) Proof of address should also be 3 months old or less.

Yes. The main advantage of opening your business using Irish Company is that we provide ongoing support, assistance and advice 24/7.

We are not chartered accountants and only provide company formation services so we cannot prepare and file a company’s annual accounts. We can provide a free introduction and consultation with our partner chartered accountants firm in Dublin . This free consultation can be carried out by skype, telephone or face-to-face at the accountant’s Dublin offices. Fees should be agreed directly with the Accountants.

The only additional costs, over and above the cost of the Non-Residents Package will be the An Post postal charges (plus 15% handling fee) incurred in forwarding your mail.

The purpose of the nominee shareholder is to uphold client secrecy by shielding the actual owner of the company from being publicly associated with that particular offshore company. All direct shareholders of an Irish company are visible on the website of the Registry of Companies and such information is in the public domain. For confidentiality purposes it is possible for the said shares to be held by a nominee individual or a company. Irish Company provides this service to our customers and you could add this service to your cart after you have purchased our non-resident package

Yes,we do. We have a number of professional Irish and EU/EEA resident vetted directors who could be integrated into any type of corporate structure you are planning to set up. You could add this service to your cart after you have purchased our non-resident package

We strongly recommend you the Gold Package, it includes arrangement of a Company Seal and Registration for VAT, in case your type of business requires that. Frankly speaking there is no most popular package, because each business has its own need. That’s why we tailor the offer to each client.

Ireland offers many benefits to entrepreneurs looking to set up corporate headquarters within the European Union. Many of the world’s most successful companies have chosen Ireland as a destination for their business because of the country’s pro-business environment. This includes leading technology companies such as Google and Facebook. Corporate tax is as low as 12.5%. Ireland itself has a small yet highly globalised economy and is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe

The most important factor in choosing a jurisdiction is to be sure that your company will be incorporated in a country that has a:

  1. reliable means of communication;
  2. political and economical stability;
  3. good reputation;
  4. sophisticated corporate laws;

All the jurisdictions we work with enjoy the above mentioned advantages. However, the right choice of jurisdiction also depends on where you live and on the business you conduct. We can help you understand the different jurisdictions so that you may select which one makes the most sense with regard to your personal situation, for that just fill in this contact form and one of our operators will get in touch with you.

You can check the availability of the name for your company on this link. There are some regulations regarding naming a company. Here

When registering a business name, the following words are not allowed in a business name – “limited”, “ltd”, “teoranta”, “teo”, “incorporated”, “inc.” or “company”.

The word “Associates” or “Group” in a business name implies more that one, that is, a partnership. It cannot be used in the name in the case of an individual application (RBN1).

  • The registration of business names ending in a domain name suffix such as “.ie”, “.com”, “.net” or prefix such as “www” is considered undesirable.
  • Offensive names are not permitted.
  • The name must be distinct from other names on the Register. Names which are phonetically or visually similar to those already on the Register are not permitted.
  • The use of certain words within the name may require approval from the relevant authorities. For example, the use of the word ‘Bank’ requires approval from the Central Bank.