Setup Business Bank Accounts for Off-shore and European/EEA based Companies

Our specialization is the provision of international banking services for off-shore and European/EEA based companies, and we will assist in identifying and opening personal and business bank accounts in reputable and leading international financial organizations. We regularly review the best banking opportunities in the market place and recommend those which we believe to be the best suited for your personal and business goals.

Our solutions are all structured to deliver the following benefits:


Information on deposits, the volume of financial transactions and the flow of funds is confidential. Customers will not have to disclose it.

Profitable terms

The commissions are small, and the procedure for opening an account with proper preparation and filing of documents and application forms is simple (we will manage everything). Banks we partner with do not impose strict requirements on turnover, balances and in most jurisdictions, there is no currency control.

Protection against economic and financial risks

Selecting a stable and reputable bank for our customers is of outmost importance to us as it will protect the customer from risks of inflation, exchange rate fluctuations and loss of capital.

All the banks we have chosen to work with, meet our high standards of confidentiality, have excellent reputations, offer a wide range of financial products, and operate in countries with political and economic stability. We can introduce our clients with offshore and European companies to banks located in Europe, European Economic Area, Asia, Americas and Off-Shore jurisdictions.

Our bank account introduction is a professional service provided by Irish Company to European or Offshore company owners as an approved bank intermediary. While we would guide and assist each and every client through the application process and with introductions, account opening is at the sole discretion of the Banks compliance department. We, however, can significantly increase the success rate for account opening.

Factors we consider when recommending banks for account opening: client’s citizenship and country of residence, types of transactions involved (trading / manufacturing / real estate / investment), volume of payment transfers, investment requirements, confidentiality, soft currency requirements, as well as language barriers communicating with the bank directly.

We can provide remote bank account opening in top EU banks, so you can concentrate on your business while we do all the paperwork for you.

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