Requirements for irish company formation

Irish Company want to wish you the best of luck in setting up your new company! We are here to make the process as easy as possible and would like to highlight several key requirements before we start setting up your company.


By law, your company name should be different to any existing companies on the company registrar.

We ask that your provide us with several different options so that we may assist with choosing one which will set you apart from other companies.

Non-descriptive words such as ‘services’ , ‘solutions’, ‘Ireland’, ‘International’, and ‘holdings’ are not considered to distinguish the business.

There are also several words like ‘bank’, ‘insurance’, ’university’, ’co-op’ could only be used after a special which can only be used with special permission

It is best to stay clear of rude, offensive and foul language when naming your company.


Private limited by shares company (LTD) is the most common form of Company in Ireland. However, there are several other options to consider. If you require more information please get in touch with one of our experts.


As part of your company application, we require a detailed description of your business objectives. This is no longer required for companies limited by shares.



In order to form a company in Ireland, the company must have a registered postal address where all official correspondence will be posted. Registered Office Services is included as standard in all our packages.


Private limited by shares company (LTD) is the most common form of Company in Ireland. However, there are several other options to consider. If you require more information please get in touch with one of our experts.Directors are appointed by the Shareholders to act in the best interests of the company.. A Single Member Company is possible whereby having only one Director. However, you are still required by law to appoint a Company Secretary, please see more details below.

One of the proposed directors of the company has to be resident of European Economic Area. If none of the directors are EEA citizens, Irish Company offers a Nominee Director service and Non-Resident Director Bond Service.


A company formed in Ireland must have a Company Secretary who is responsible for ensuring compliance and that statutory obligations are met with such as filing annual returns with the Company Registration Office and the Tax returns. A person can act as both the Director and Secretary in cases where there are more than one director. The Secretary can also be a separate individual or a Corporate Entity.

Where a company has a single director, a separate Company Secretary must be appointed. Irish Company can act as your company secretary to expertly take care of your corporate governance needs.



The Authorised (Nominal) Share Capital of the company is the amount of shares a company can raise. For most companies an Authorised Share Capital of €1000000 divided into 1000000 shares of 1 Euro each.

The Issued share capital is the number of shares that have actually been designated and paid for by the shareholders. Normally, we recommend 100 shares with a value of 1 Euro. The 100 shares are divided between the shareholders to reflect the actual ownership of the company. One person or company can hold all the shares. This is known as a single member company. The shares can also be split 50/50 or in several parts.

There are two main types of ordinary shares. The First type is Ordinary A – shares with voting rights, and the second type is Ordinary B – shares with no voting rights.


Shareholders are the owners of the company. The number of shares issued should be divided in a manner that reflects the proportionate ownership of the company.

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