It is an ambitious plan to start a private business but for that, a Private Limited Company is needed to market the services or products. Some are redundant and find themselves with free time and resources. Others make the decision to start a company with expert assistance and top-class suggestions. The best way to start a new company in Ireland will be to contact the experts for company formation packages. It will include registration of your new office, tax registration and filing of returns. One needs to meet all the legal requirements for starting a company and the experts help to avoid mistakes.

Company registration can normally be completed in 3-4 working days, from the date of receiving signed application documents. Get a configured company start-up package that will assist the easy establishment of a Limited Company in Ireland.

A package for Private Limited Company setup service includes –

  • Office Address Registration
  • Digital Certificate of Incorporation
  • Digital Set of Registration Documents
  • Tax Registration
  • Preparing and Filing of Annual Return
  • VAT Registration
  • Apostilled Set of Incorporation Documents
  • Bank Account Opening

Important Facts to Know for Setup a Company in Ireland

  1. The corporate tax rate for a company in Ireland is among the lowest in Europe, which is 12.5%.
  2. Before the completion of company registration, proof of identity and proof of address for the directors & shareholders needs to be submitted.
  3. Irish bank opens the business accounts in the business name for non-residential individuals. Irish banks also look into the company documentation including the Certificate of Incorporation.
  4. The company registration is completed in few working days, from the date of receiving signed application documents.
  5. The company must file the annual return with the Company Office at least once every year. Also, they must attach a copy of their accounts to the annual return filed with the CRO (Companies Registration Office).
  6. The authorized and issued share capital can be selected at the point of incorporation based on preference. €1 is the minimum issued share capital for an LTD company.

Starting a Limited Company doesn’t need to be a difficult task, but it needs to be ensured that all the things are done correctly. Starting a new company is a big commitment with important legal obligations and none wants to be lagging in it. Look for end-to-end solutions supporting all the Irish company compliance needs. A Private Limited Company (LTD) is the most common type of structure in Ireland and it is also known as ‘A Private Company Limited by Shares’. This type of company has limited liability and share capital. Contact a concerned team who can help you with all the nitty-gritty of the company formation.


You must have a registered postal address for the company in Ireland. Contacting an organization dealing in Private Limited Company formation to help you ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the land. Start the business forming a brand new company to get the ultimate results.