Ireland recognizes the need for different company structures for investments. This is why Ireland stands out among the preferred destination for International Company Formation and especially offshore companies. There are numerous benefits for investors who form offshore companies in Ireland. These benefits include

  • Legal Protection- The law provides for the formation of offshore companies in Ireland. This means that you will enjoy legal protection to transact as well as base your company in Ireland. Since the international business community acknowledges that, you have the freedom to trade without harassment or negative legal implication on your operations. Your assets are also protected. Luckily, the law is very lenient to offshore companies. This makes your trading smooth and profitable.
  • International trading and invoicing- Once you form an offshore company in Ireland, you can trade with businesses around the world. You can invoice other offshore companies and entities with no restrictions. There are bank accounts to make your operations simplified. Taxes are also minimized with protection against revelation of identity. With easy movement of money around the world, your trading desires will not be hampered.
  • Virtual existence– Offshore companies are useful in holding of assets. Ireland legal framework allows you to operate the company without revelation of ownership. This means that you can move your money around and maintain a discrete existence. You do not have to travel to Ireland to form an offshore company. This saves you a lot of trouble yet allows you to still set up operations in Ireland.

Registering An Offshore Company In Ireland

All companies in Ireland operate under the Company Law. This law requires all persons registering companies in Ireland to submit necessary documents including articles of association and memorandum, among others. You must also submit a complete application form to the Registry. While you are required to engage in some business activities in Ireland, you are prohibited from soliciting funds or selling shares to Irish citizens.

You require a physical address in Ireland which exists in the form of an office. The office maintains details of directors and secretaries acting on your behalf. The company will pay a corporate tax of 12%. This rate is way below what other EU countries are charging for companies in their jurisdictions. The other requirements you will have to abide by include

  • The company must have one share holder. Most companies prefer to present two.
  • Two directors at minimum. The director must be a person as opposed to an institution. One of the two directors must also be a resident of EU countries.
  • Authorized capital amounting to €1,000,000
  • Company secretary

Help Forming Offshore Company in Ireland

The way offshore companies operate in Ireland means that you do not have to be in Ireland to transact. Irish Company helps you in International Company Formation to ensure that your application captures all the details required. We take up your documentation for presentation to relevant authorities in order to be approved. Whether you are based in Ireland, EU or any other country around the world, we guarantee an easy company setup process. Contact us for a personalized package to cater for your business formation needs.