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A proficient service for securing an Irish Registered Office Address, catering to both local and international enterprises.

Every Irish business is obligated to possess a registered office address situated within the borders of the Republic of Ireland. This location must be a tangible address and cannot be substituted with a post office box. The registered address serves as the designated point for all correspondence from the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and official legal notifications pertaining to the company. It is of utmost significance to promptly inform the CRO about any alterations to your company's registered office address. If you opt for our Registered Office Address service, we will handle the notification process with the CRO on your behalf.

The registered office address of a company is openly accessible on public records. This service proves particularly beneficial for international clientele lacking a physical establishment or business location in Ireland. It is also suitable for those who utilize a residential address for business administration and prefer to maintain confidentiality.


Our Irish Registered Office Service encompasses

  • Utilization of our central city location, '2c Grangegorman Lower, Smithfield, Dublin 7,' as the official Registered Office Address for your company.
  • Acceptance of legal documentation on your behalf.
  • Maintenance of Statutory Registers, if needed (either electronically or physically).
  • Forwarding of all correspondence from the Companies Registration Office and Revenue Commissioners.
  • Forwarding of business-related mail (if applicable).
  • Notification upon receiving courier documents (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.).
  • Our fees start from only €350 (plus VAT, where applicable) per year. These feesare payable in advance and are renewable annually on the anniversary of our initialinvoice.
  • We extend appealing discounts to professional clients seeking multiple Registered Offices in Ireland through our service.

Please be aware that a registered office service alone does not meet the prerequisites for VAT registration; a genuine business address in Ireland is mandatory for this purpose.

Irish Incorporation Requirements

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