Ireland has upheld an excellent image internationally as a reliable corporate domicile within the EU jurisdiction. As such, it has become a major company formation hub among foreign investors and companies alike eyeing the vast and profitable EU economy. However, in order to enjoy the numerous Irish company formation benefits such as the favourable corporate taxation laws, companies must adhere to the set company registration and operation laws in Ireland. This is where Irish Company comes in handy.

We are an established, experienced and renowned Irish company formation services provider that seeks to work with all foreign investors and company formations despite their financial standing, nature of business and Irish company formation requirements. Evidently, we offer four Irish company formation packages designed to make the legal procedures as easy and stress-free as possible for you. The packages are classified as; Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Diamond is the highly prized package that covers all company formation services including assistance to open an Irish bank account. Silver is dubbed the most affordable company formation package that offers core Irish company formation services such as; tax registration and provision of a registered office address among others. Notably, most companies and foreign investors prefer the gold package because it is not only affordable but also offers extra and beneficial services like; company seal and VAT registration.

Apart from the four pre-configured Irish company formation packages, we strive to meet all client requirements by offering tailored packages that suit individual company formation goals. This applies in cases where clients feel that none of the packages adequately caters to their needs. Note that, the extra unique services may attract extra charges. Our experienced employees will assist you at identifying the ideal package and offer a costing break down.  

Benefits of choosing our company formation packages

Irish Company is committed to respecting and protecting client privacy, and only uses client’s personal and confidential information to facilitate the provision of requested products and services. Moreover, you benefit from working with experienced Irish company formation professionals who ensure that your company is operational within 3 to 5 days. This means that, you do not have to visit Ireland to oversee company formation. We handle all the paperwork professionally as long as you provide all the required information, documentation and finances. Above all, our company formation charges are quite competitive as compared to large legal and accountancy firms.


Different company formation packages are designed to accommodate all investor categories based on their budget and nature of Ireland company formation assistance they require. Therefore, do not hesitate to join the likes of Google, Facebook and Uber by booking either of the four packages to set up your company’s European headquarters in Ireland.