The economy of Ireland is advancing at a rate that is higher than the average in the European region. The business environment in Ireland is also extremely attractive and friendly to investors. It offers an opportunity to open a wide variety of businesses to serve both local and international clients. Setting up a foreign company in Ireland, therefore, becomes one of the most rewarding business decisions you will ever make.

Ireland, like every other jurisdiction has unique procedures and laws on setting up businesses. You will need to file different documents to multiple offices for your business to be registered. This takes some time and comes with the uncertainty of not knowing the addresses or where to find these documents. This is why you should hire an experienced agency to help you set up your business in Ireland. What kind of assistance do you receive from the agency?

  • Guidance on the type of business to set up- Ireland has a dynamic business environment. It provides an opportunity to set up an offshore company as well as an International and or tax planning company. The agency will advise you on the requirements of each company, tax obligations and how to get your company operational. By the time you proceed to register the company, you will be sure that it is designed to deliver excellent value for money.
  • Re-domiciling your business- the process of re-domiciling a business is tricky and unique. The agency serves local clients who want to move businesses elsewhere or want to domicile them in Ireland. This process can be lengthy and tiring especially if you have no idea where to go and how to approach it. It may also be costly as you make wrong entries and do not know of efficient business models to use. With the assistance of an agency, this process is completed fast and using the least amount of resources possible.
  • Incorporation and management services- setting up a foreign company in Ireland requires documentation and presentation of papers in different offices. Local operations will also need to be handled, including filing of taxes, setting up a local address and having the company secretary to liaise with government authorities. This would be an expensive undertaking if you decide to do it. The agency takes up these responsibilities to save you money, time and also guarantee smooth operations.

Whether you are using the company for personal or professional purposes, you can possess assets like private equity investments, bankable assets, intellectual and image property right as well as residential or commercial properties. With an experienced adviser, these assets will be managed professionally in a way that they benefit your brand without gobbling your cash.

Why Work With Irish Company

We have years of experience helping individuals and corporates in setting up a foreign company in Ireland. We have a team of experienced professionals to guide you on company formation, taxation, shareholding and daily operations, among others. Call us to enjoy the most affordable rates arrived at through a competitive billing structure. We build relationships that will last and deliver excellent benefits to all businesses operated by our partners and clients.