It is no secret that Ireland is the dream company formation destination for international entrepreneurs or visionary businessmen and women seeking to explore the vast EU market. Moreover, Ireland accommodates all company types from multi-nationals to sole proprietorships. The only difference is in the company formation process, costs and requirements. Notably, most foreign entrepreneurs setting base in Ireland prefer to work with company formation experts who understand what it takes to successfully incorporate the different company types permitted in Ireland. However, the Ireland company formation experts charge fees for the information and services they provide. The good news is that they understand that the country attracts both big and startup investments that operate under varying budgets. As such, they offer different company setup packages designed to cater to each and every entrepreneur hoping to set up and run a company in Ireland within the shortest time possible. Though the company setup packages vary in regards to services provided, there are a few services that are offered across all packages. They include;

Initial advice

The nature of the initial advice depends on the amount of information a client already has as well as the questions they may be having about company formation in Ireland. For instance, a company formation expert can start by asking the client to define their business/ investment intentions in Ireland in a bid to understand what best suits the client. Based on the information gathered, the company formation expert will take the client through the different company types permitted in Ireland and recommend the ideal type based on the client’s investment intentions. Of course, the client is free to choose the company type they deem fit for their investment. Note that, company formation experts take an open and helpful approach when advising clients on available options. For instance, they take foreign investors through the advantages and disadvantages of operating a limited company in Ireland, the tax-saving issues they may encounter and help you evaluate whether forming a company would be the best option for your business.

After determining the company type, the company formation expert will take you through the company formation process, requirements, and charges. For instance, they guide you with the appointment of company secretary and directors, choosing a suitable company name, and conducting a company name search with the Companies Registration Office.

Additional assistance

In most cases, services offered as additional services account for the difference in company setup packages. This is because clients will have varying company formation needs after selecting their preferred company type during the initial advice. Some of the additional services include; help with opening an Irish business account, completing and filing company incorporation documents, VAT registration, and registering your company with the Ireland Revenue Commissioners for PAYE/PRSI, VAT, and corporate taxation.