If you want to enjoy some of the business operations benefits that have attracted a myriad of world’s leading businesses in Ireland, you must successfully complete the company registration process. If you fully understand the company registration Ireland process, you can handle the paperwork yourself. Alternatively, you can seek company registration assistance from Ireland based agencies who take care of the paperwork and take all the hard work off your shoulders.

Ireland is an attractive company registration destination especially for limited companies by shares due to its 12.5% corporate tax rate. PayPal, Google, and a wide range of financial service providers have set base in Ireland yet they manage complex tax structures that span globally. However, you do not need to be a multinational company in order to register a company in Ireland. But, you must understand the company registration process and complexities or work with someone who does. Basically, you can register a designated activities company or a limited company; most investors prefer the flexibility offered by a fully limited company in Ireland. This is because, a limited company requires just one director as compared to a designated activities company that requires two directors who must be European Economic Area residents. Companies must have one director, one secretary and a shareholder who can also act as the company’s director who should be an EU resident. In the event where the company director is neither an EU nor Irish resident, the company must pay an insurance bond and the business entity will not be registered as a local company for taxation purposes.

Company registration Ireland package consists of a drafted company constitution and correct paperwork that defines company shareholders, the amount of shares held by each, company directors and the intend business activities. Once all the documents are filed electronically, your Irish limited company can be incorporated within 24 hours after which you are free to start trading. Unlike offshore company formation destinations, all companies in Ireland are required to file accurate tax returns and ensure that their financial paperwork is always ready for inspection at any time. Nonetheless, the tax returns filing process is easy and almost effortless.

If you wish to own an offshore business while taking advantage of low taxation without going far afield, limited company registration Ireland is ideal for you. Despite its small size, Ireland is home to global businesses where over 80% of tech firms and 50% of international financial firms have set based in the country. Tech companies are attracted by the rules allowing payment for the use of intellectual properties from other international companies. This guarantees substantial deductions and payment of less than 12.5% of profits in real terms.


Ireland is a stable country that uses Euro as its main currency. Additionally, its legal system is based on the British system and it is an English speaking country; such factors make it the ideal economic system for international company registration and business operations. Enjoy the rare business friendly attitude by completing company registration Ireland and carrying out your preferred business activities.