The internet is turning out to be the most profitable marketplace today. E-commerce is on an upwards trend with excellent opportunities for business. Ireland has enacted the right laws to support setting up online company Ireland with ease. However, it is not as easy as opening an email account. There are laws to be followed to avoid getting into trouble with the government and other regulatory authorizes.

You Must Register A Company

The type of company you register will depend on the kind of operations you are running. You have the option of a limited liability company in Ireland and an international company. The company is limited with shares and is required to have a registered office in Dublin. You must also make corporation tax registration and keep neat financial records. Annual returns will also need to be filed. With these options in mind, you can choose several options already available. You will be guided by professionals in company formation in Ireland to enable you make the best choice.

Registering a company requires you to submit documents for approval. This means visiting different offices and presenting multiple documents. This will prove expensive especially if you are a non-resident. As a local agent, we take up the role and complete your company formation in days. We also ensure that you have presented all documents required to make the process of registration smooth and complete. This saves you brushes with the law when it is revealed that you have not met the required legal terms.

Online Company Opening Package in Ireland

The cost and requirements of setting up online company Ireland depend on the nature of company you will be setting up. The package will include all documentations and approvals for a company that is limited by shares. We also provide an address that is registered to represent your interests in Dublin. We ensure that corporation tax is registered to allow you make necessary filings, especially the first annual filing that is crucial. These services are available at a very affordable rate that is negotiated to suit your registration needs.

Duration for Setting Up An Online Company In Ireland

The process of registering a company in Ireland can be hectic and long if you are not conversant with required documents and offices to file them. Our assistance ensures that the Limited liability Company is registered and ready for use within 3-5 days. The charges by Company Registration Office are included in the overall charge. This means that you will not be asked to pay any more than was quoted. You will get a digital certificate of registration that you can display whenever it is required. The constitution is also provided digitally. You will also be introduced to a chartered accountant to help you with finances. This guarantees a seamless registration process.

About Irish Company

Irish Company is a registered company providing assistance with setting up online company Ireland. Our experience, expertise and commitment to delivering the best quality services guarantee excellent value for money. Contact us today for assistance with setting up any form of company in Ireland.