Today’s leaders are faced with constant change, disruption, and opportunity as they seek to create value for all stakeholders. Making the right strategic choices about how to organize teams, business units, divisions and the enterprise is key to unlock value through improved agility and responsiveness.

Our belief is that true organization transformation that delivers sustained results does not happen by simply redrawing boxes and lines on an organization chart. It requires designing and fine tuning the connective tissue that links strategy with execution by clarifying how and where work gets done. We excel at working with senior executives in the most complex businesses to create purpose-built operating models and organization designs that improve execution, drive profitable growth, reduce organizational drag and unnecessary cost. While our approach is grounded in data and analytics, we use a practical methodology to minimize disruption, deploy nimble teams to work with the c-suite, and are known for our success in aligning executives through effective change management.

Some of the questions we help leaders answer, include:

  • Which capabilities represent a source of sustained competitive advantage?
  • How do we take advantage of these capabilities and “stitch” the organization together in the right spots to leverage economies of scale?
  • How can we optimize spans and layers to be more agile, drive accountability and improve the speed and quality of decision making and execution?
  • Where are the opportunities to reduce organizational drag, complexity, and costs?
  • What aspects of our culture should be reinforced or preserved and what aspects should change?
  • What expectations do we have for how leaders will lead in the new organization?