How will you create value and compete? What assets and capabilities do you have and what new ones do you need? How do you organize and align to execute your chosen path?

Strategy is making choices: Whom you serve, what you provide, the ways in which you provide it, and what differentiates you from your competitors. It is the North Star for your organization, guiding key decisions you make about what you do, don’t do, and how you do it.
Strategy that cannot be realized is nothing more than an idea — and ideas alone do not drive results. Winning strategies are equal parts innovation and execution.

We work with you to determine the right strategy for your organization — one that you can actually implement — by connecting the dots between intent, core organizational capabilities, products and services offered, and how you effectively organize to sell into the market.

Growth Strategy in Business: Business Models

At Irishcompany, we partner closely with our clients on initiatives that address their growth imperatives and needs to satisfy their strategic goals. It is important to first consider how vision, mission and values connect it to other critical goals such as social responsibility and brand. From there, organizations seek to clarify where growth will come from such as new channels, R&D, partnerships, etc. The growth plan initiative can sometimes illustrate a disparity between the revenue expectations and current channels necessitating which further informs financial forecasts and how and where to invest.

We analyze the crucial challenges that senior executives contemplate and build growth agendas for improved shareholder value. Our knowledge of market dynamics and factors, along with our extensive experience and strategic capabilities, allows us to provide the fact-based insight that executives need to make educated decisions at the enterprise or business unit level.

Growth Strategy: Target Markets & Customers

Deciding what to be and what to offer is not all a strategy must make clear. Organizations must carefully select the customers and clients they focus on attracting. Without clarity and focus, your strategy can never be realized, and the ROI on your marketing and business development investment plummets.

Today this is about much more than pedestrian segmentation. You can outpace the competition by leveraging the mountain of data and the sophisticated analytics and machine learning tools available to more deeply understand the best fit types of clients and customers for what you offer and how you deliver it.