Where, when and how you bring your products or services to market is critical to business success. Trying to sell your products at the wrong time, in the wrong places, to the wrong people, or in the wrong way are counter-productive.

You need a plan that covers the many moving parts of a go-to-market strategy, from pricing and channels to brand awareness and sales cycles. Because each product and market are different, each go-to-market strategy must be individually thought out, evaluated against the options, and clearly mapped, then tested, reevaluated and refined.

At Irishcompany, we have significant experience in helping leaders analyze and fully understand the complexities in order to focus on what they truly need. But we rely on more than experience, combining it with the best tools provided by AI and behavioral science to help you develop a fact-based go-to-market strategy aligned with your corporate mission, business model and team capabilities.

Customer Experience Strategy

Customers no longer simply buy products or services. Today, they make purchasing decisions based on the holistic concept of “customer experience.” What do your customers really want — soup to nuts? It’s important to have a strategy that addresses any potential pain points and gives your customers the kind of rewarding experience that will make them part of your sales team.

Pricing Strategy

Setting a smart pricing framework is delicate and precise work. Many companies use guesswork or rely on the competition to lead the way. The better alternative is to use sophisticated data that incorporates customer expectations, market conditions, the competitive environment, and your value proposition. This strategy can enhance your profitability plus enable you to make agile adjustments as the business environment changes.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Traditional sales channels are not going away. However, they are generally not the only, or even the first, channels today’s self-educating prospects engage. Digital and indirect (alliance) sales channels may represent lucrative opportunities to grow revenue, but can be challenging to use well.

Product and Portfolio Management

Reinventing the wheel is a necessary part of surviving in a dynamic marketplace. You must constantly rethink and understand what your customers need and are looking for…today. Creative thinking can provide fresh, exciting solutions. Then how do you connect your best ideas with your business model, capabilities and a timely execution strategy to grow top-line?

B2B Go-to-Marketing Strategy

Businesses are a special category of consumer and selling to them requires specific expertise, targeted data and scientific insights into the behavior of organizations and teams as well as individuals. With specialized knowledge, you can develop customer experience, pricing, multi-channel and product development strategies that give you an edge in the B2B marketplace.