What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technology to create new — or modify existing — business processes that change and enhance customer and employee experiences to achieve business goals. Increasing levels of investment and the omnipresence of technology in business means that nearly everyone is experiencing digital transformation of one form or another. We are all on this journey and it extends from home to work without interruption. How far and fast companies have come often determines their success, whether they are a for-profit or non-for-profit enterprise.

Digital Transformation Strategy and Consulting

At Irishcompany we believe the level and pace of change we are experiencing now is largely made possible by the digitization of work. The quality and utility of data captured in enterprise systems today is allowing businesses to connect specific individual or team-based actions to business results. This informational shift from instinct-based to evidence-based decision-making is lowering risk, increasing confidence, improving speed and reducing the probability and impact of errors. Business leaders now have access to tools and resources that can provide better and more actionable insights from data captured inside, and outside the organization.

Of course, our clients are at different points on that digital transformation journey. Wherever you are on that journey we start with your strategic priorities, determine what information is available and of most value within the context of your environment, and then target actions that provide quick wins to build support for the changes you want to and need to make. Our work emphasizes building capabilities, shaping culture and designing and implementing processes for organizations that want to be more data driven. Our capabilities in behavioral and data science allow us to “connect the dots” between systems, to deliver insights that are actionable and business relevant. Finally, we operationalize data pipelines so that the value we create can be sustained over time, helping our clients make fast and effective strategic decisions that create operational speed, agility and impact.