In the modern era of fierce competitiveness and industry disruption, global economics, customer-driven markets, and rapid change, sustained sales growth can be hard to achieve. Even the best, most experienced salesforce can’t do it all on their own. Revenue growth is an enterprise-wide initiative.

To be more than an impressive powerpoint presentation — to be truly successful — a revenue growth plan must be holistic and integrated.

It needs to optimize:

  • The operational business model
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Market identification and sizing
  • Customer segmentation and journey design
  • Product and solution positioning
  • Go-to-market strategies involving internal and external partners
  • Customer retention

Irishcompany is a growth advisory firm that uses strategy, artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioral science to help our clients overcome barriers to sales growth and achieve their full potential. Our integrated products and services help clients identify challenges and opportunities, create alignment and impell action.

Strategy. Our experienced advisory teams help you determine where to play and how to win with the right revenue growth agenda and execution strategy.

AI. We employ data and analytics to combat human biases, identify patterns, and clarify choices, scenarios and trade-offs.

Behavioral Science. We apply science to predicting, measuring and guiding the behavior of consumers/buyers and internal teams and individuals. This helps you design customer journeys that produce real results and internal change management plans capable of overcoming “that’s the way we’ve always done it” inertia to produce sustainable improvements.