The business environment is changing fast…faster than ever before. New technologies like automation, artificial intelligence and digitization are disrupting older business models at a blistering pace and challenging companies to keep up. The imperative is clear — adapt and transform or become irrelevant.

Yet research shows that less than a third of transformation initiatives achieve their goals. Radical enterprise-wide change doesn’t come easily to businesses that may be locked into an annual cycle of strategic and operational planning driven by departments or business units.

We believe successful business transformation must be holistic and integrated. It must focus and engage the executive team in a set of interrelated decisions about strategy, organization, and people. Then, to escape the inertial force of ingrained ways of working and culture, it must follow a compelling and agile change management plan.

Irishcompany is a growth advisory firm that integrates strategy, artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioral science into helping our clients transform their business. Our fully integrated suite of offerings helps clients succeed at changing course and finding a sustainable path to success in a fast-changing world.

Strategy. We use our extensive transformation experience to help our clients decide how to win with the right transformation agenda and execution strategy.

AI. Technology enables human beings to see undetected patterns and be more fact-driven, unbiased and confident in their decision making. We employ data and analytics to clarify choices, scenarios and trade-offs.

Behavioral Science. We apply change management methods grounded in science to individuals, teams and organizations to drive impactful outcomes that last.