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Formation of a Company in Ireland

A member of the European Union over 37 years, Ireland is one of those countries that can boast a relatively stable political situation and this translates into improved economy by way of healthy business opportunities. Ireland is definitely a land of opportunities for those looking for an ideal location for their start-ups or for business […]

Introduction to Irish Company Formation Packages

Ireland has upheld an excellent image internationally as a reliable corporate domicile within the EU jurisdiction. As such, it has become a major company formation hub among foreign investors and companies alike eyeing the vast and profitable EU economy. However, in order to enjoy the numerous Irish company formation benefits such as the favourable corporate […]

Setting Up A Company In Ireland

The parliamentary democracy in Ireland is stable, and it has been a member of the European Union for more than thirty-seven years. Moreover, Ireland was voted to be the world’s best country to do business by Forbes in December 2013 making it an excellent platform for global business.

Requirements for Registering a Limited Company in Ireland

Private limited companies are by far the most popular company formations in Ireland. They are referred to as LTD, limited liability companies or private limited companies. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that the Ireland Companies Act of 2014 does not restrict limited companies’ activities. They are allowed to carry out any legal […]

A Guide on Setting up Online Company Ireland

The internet is turning out to be the most profitable marketplace today. E-commerce is on an upwards trend with excellent opportunities for business. Ireland has enacted the right laws to support setting up online company Ireland with ease. However, it is not as easy as opening an email account. There are laws to be followed […]