Registering A Business In Ireland: Easy Steps

registering a business in Ireland

Registering A Business In Ireland: Easy Steps

For an individual to trade in Ireland using a name that is different from that which is officially documented, he is required to register a company. It is the name that will be used for trading. Registering a Business in Ireland gives you identity to ensure that you are recognizable by clients and authorities.

Registration Of Business Names Act Of 1963

This is the act that guides the registration of business names in Ireland. You should consider the provisions made in the act when making your registration. Any violation or falling short of requirements will prevent your business from being registered. Remember that though you have chosen a name, nothing will stop another person from using the same name. You therefore need to consider the following tips when choosing the name for your business.

  • Availability– the fact that you have submitted your name is not a guarantee that other people cannot use the name. The name becomes yours only after gaining approval from the registrar of companies. When choosing a name, it must not resemble that of another product or company that has already been registered because it will be rejected. A thorough check is required to ensure that the name is not similar to any other being used in the market at the moment.
  • State affiliation– the name chosen must not be similar to an organization or department run by the government. An example is where you might want to register a business by the name Department of Motors. Such a department exists in the government and the registrar will decline your application.
  • Non offensive- the name chosen for business registration must not be construed to be offensive. The registration office will decline a name whose pronunciation or sound is offensive to individuals, a group, gender, age group, etc. You are supposed to select names that are polite and for registration consideration.

There are other restrictions on names whereby the approval depends on the kind of business you are registering. For a limited company, a number is not a sufficient distinguisher. There are more considerations to be made when making your registration.

  • During registration, you can only use the word ‘bank’ if you get the approval of the Central Bank of Ireland. This means that you must be registering a bank or a business that is related to bank operations.
  • The words ‘insurance’ and ‘assurance’ also require the approval of Central Bank of Ireland to be used during registration.
  • Names like ‘holdings’, ‘Group’ and ‘International’ also require further clarification on the nature of business you are operating.

It takes an experienced agent to help you complete the process of registering a business in Ireland. The agents understand the process and requirements to enable them guide you appropriately. With proper guidance, it will be easier to complete the process on time and budget without the danger of future recall.

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