Registering A Business in Ireland: DIY or Hire an Agent

Registering a Business in Ireland

Registering A Business in Ireland: DIY or Hire an Agent

The Irish law requires anyone who wishes to trade with a name apart from his official one to register it. This ensures that no one is trading under proxy in order to protect clients as well as ensure that taxes and other obligations are met. Registering a Business in Ireland requires you to submit a number of documents as well as get approvals from relevant authorities. This is a labor and time intensive process. This is why many people prefer the use of registered agents. This might appear like an additional expense, but it offers incredible benefits as outlined below.

  • Convenient

What if you could just sit in the office and get all documents you need to begin trading? This is what happens when you engage an agent to register the business on your behalf. You provide instructions on the name, operations, addresses and other details that may be required. The agent goes ahead to process the paperwork and ensure that your business is registered within your planned timeframe. This is a hustle free way of beginning your operations in Ireland.

  • Professional Knowledge

The registering agency is a professional agency that specializes in registration and administration of companies. The team understands the requirements, including documents, offices to visit and how long the processes take. The team ensures that promises made are fulfilled and deadlines met. Through their professional support and experience, your business will be registered with all relevant authorities and fulfill statutory requirements. This saves you from future conflicts with the law, which could include penalties.

  • Fast

Do you want to start operating in the shortest time? Then, consider registering the business through an agent. There are documents to be prepared, processed and presented to various offices. You also need approvals, stamps and verification of documents. This is a labor intensive process that is likely to take most of your time. With other duties to fulfill elsewhere, you might not afford all this time. However, the agent specializes in ensuring that these processes are completed in the shortest time possible. The agent knows the offices to be visited, details to be provided and how long to wait. This will ensure that there are no delays in the registration process.

  • Cost effective

Company registration agents in Ireland do not receive any special rates. However, the ease with which they register businesses saves you time and money. Traveling from one office to the other is an expense you can avoid. You also do not have to compromise your other duties as you seek registration. Beyond the statutory fees paid, you only pay a small agency fee and get your registration completed stress free. This will reduce your business setup expenses.

About Irish Company

Irish Company is a specialist agency providing professional services whenever you are registering a Business in Ireland. The professionals will handle documentation for locals and foreigners, simplifying registration for you in the process. Persons who wish to register companies from abroad and setup virtual offices will also get comprehensive assistance.

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