A Guide for Non-Resident Seeking Company House Ireland

Company House Ireland

A Guide for Non-Resident Seeking Company House Ireland

Ireland remains one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. The attractions include tax exemptions and an easy process of registering your business, among other incentives. Company House Ireland services enable you to register your company and even operate it away from Ireland without contravening the law.

Company owners have different needs. You may want to register a company that will have multiple directors recognized in Ireland. The requirements will vary from a company with a single director who is a resident or citizen of EEA. The requirements change further when the directors are not residents of EEA or even a single one of them comes from outside EEA. As professionals and experienced company registration agents in Ireland, we provide guidance and other virtual services that you may require to actualize your registration.

Company with Multiple Directors

A special package is prepared for a company with many directors but one of them is from EEA region. It is this director who is appointed as the company secretary. You may also make arrangements to have a joint nominee as the secretary. The package will also come with a registered office address that will act as your address in Ireland. The package goes for as low as £370 and will include the following, among others.

• Registration services for VAT and corporation taxes
• Submission of your first annual returns
• A physical address for your company

The package may be split to reflect individual items that you require and leave out those that you can obtain independently or do not require. These charges are competitive and reasonable to make your registration affordable. You will also get guidance and assistance on areas that are problematic.

Company with a Single Director and Resident of EEA

The package enables you to nominate the resident as the company secretary. You are also required to have a physical address for your company. The address will be provided. The items under this package include
• An office address registered for your business
• The inaugural tax submission for the year
• A nominee secretary
These services are available at only £545 on seasonal offer. However, you can get customized prices depending on individual circumstances.

Registering A Company with Non-Resident Directors

There is a special package for a company whose directors are none resident. To register such a company, you will be charged a bond that runs into tens of thousands Euros. We provide nominee directors to enable you escape the bond and instead use the money to boost your operations. The package will include, among other services,
• A nominee secretary
• Irish nominee secretary
• Submission of your first annual returns
• Physical address
Each of these items can be offered separately to reduce your cost as well as fit your unique situation. The charges are as low as £1,583.

Why Choose Irish Company?

Irish Company provides Company house Ireland services to individuals and corporations around the world. You will also get assistance with other services such as opening a bank account, formation support and company secretary nominee, among others. The services are comprehensive and affordable to ease setting up your business in Ireland.

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