Customized Package For Non-Residents Irish Company Formation

Irish Company Formation requirements

Customized Package For Non-Residents Irish Company Formation

The most challenging part of forming a company is when you are not a citizen or do not reside in the country. Though Irish Company Formation requirements for non-residents are lenient, the process would be hectic and resource draining. In other cases, you do not want to operate physically in Ireland and therefore only need a virtual office. An experienced formation agent will guide you through the process of establishing the company and formalizing your operations.

Customized Formation Package

Companies are recognized in three main categories based on the nature of directorship. We provide individualized packages for each category to simplify your formation process.

Company with Multiple Directors

The assumption is that these directors are residents of Ireland and EEA. The requirements are more lenient which makes the package more affordable. With only €370, you will get the certificate of incorporation, a faster registration process that takes between 3 and 5 days, registration for taxes and filing for your first annual revenue returns. You will also enjoy a registered physical office in Ireland as the law demands. This allows your company to officially begin operations. This price includes fees for CRO signature but is exclusive of VAT that is charged at 23%.

• Company With A Single EEA Resident Director

This type of company makes it easier for you to operate. However, the existence of non-EEA resident directors means that the process of registration is more complex. You will be required to submit more documents and meet tight regulatory conditions. The customized package goes for €545 when on discount. This pack will afford you the certification of incorporation that formally recognizes you as a company operating in Ireland. All registration taxes will also be paid alongside the filing of your initial revenue returns. Further, you will get a registered office that is based in Dublin and an appointed Nominee secretary. The entire process is hastened and will take only 3-5 days, allowing you to commence your operations in the shortest time possible. This cost is less than what you would incur if you decided to move from office to office looking for these documents and approvals. It gets more expensive if you are a foreigner or do not reside in Ireland.

• Company with Directors who are non-EEA Residents

This is the most complex of all packages offered. The requirements are stringent with the demand to ensure that all these requirements are met. The charges are €1583 when discounted at 20%. However, this amount allows you to get the Certificate of incorporation, register for taxes, file the initial annual return submission and also get a resident office in Dublin. You will also get a company secretary nominee and an Irish resident nominee director. The process is speeded up to take only three to five days. This is convenient especially when you need to make your deal or sale in the shortest time.

About Irish Company

Irish Company has been in operation for decades and helped numerous clients to fulfill their company registration requirements. We provide a customized package to ensure that you only pay for the services you need. We will direct you on the best structure and documentation to allow you operate legally within Ireland in the shortest time possible.

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