Closing a company in Ireland

Closing a company in Ireland

If you don’t close a company in Ireland in the formal manner you are risking serious sanctions and penalties, even prosecution by the Department of Justice in Ireland. If you do not have any assets or liabilities on your balance sheet, this procedure can be done relatively easily. Closing a company in Ireland is best done in the formal manner as outlined below.

If you have a company in the Register of companies in Ireland, you are still required to perform returns for this company even if it is not trading. Failure to make returns to the companies registrations office can result in penalties that accumulate quickly. Failure to dispose of a company in the proper manner can result in legal action by the Director of corporate enforcement and can result in disqualification of being a Director of a company.

The process involved in Disposing of a company by us is as follows:

  1. We check the company to ensure all returns are complete and that we can start the process of Voluntary strike off.
  2. We request permission from Revenue to strike off the company.
  3. All supporting documentation is drafted to strike the company off including a statement that the company never traded of appropriate.
  4. We draft & submit advertising in a National Newspaper.
  5. All documentation is drafted and emailed to the Director requesting the strike off.

The process can take a couple of weeks to show on the Register once we submit all documentation to the companies registration office in Ireland. The company will move from a status of “Normal” to “Strike off Listed” over time. Officers of the company have then met their obligations with regard to the company strike off.

If you are a company Director or a Legal or Accounting practice that wish to outsource this procedure to us please contact us on the telephone number at the top of this page for more information.

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